Jun 16, 2011

Farmasi 85

Hello my lovelies :)
I´m in love :) Do you remember the polishes I got the other day ? Well, I wanted to try them out and I first went for the blue one. And it´s such a beauty! It´s Farmasi , number 85, a gorgeous blue with shimmer. The application was flawless and I needed 2 thin coats to make it opaque. The only thing that I don´t like about it is the smell. It´s very pungent and none of my other polishes have that smell. Well, after it dries, it doesn´t smell anymore, so it´s not a big deal :P Let´s get to the photos :D
 Sunlight picture - see the pretty shimmer? :) 
 Indoor pic 1
Indoor pic 2
It´s too bad this polishes have no names, but I have a name for this one: Deep blue sea :) 
I just love this color and I also love the price: just 1,25€ !! :) What do you guys think about it? Like it? 

Have a nice evening and thanks for reading ;) 


  1. Se tem uma cor que amo é a cor azul ... lindo demais!!

    Beijos ...


  2. I've tried it and it's so perfect.-..the only problem is that it doesn't stay on for long. Have you noticed that? Now I mostly use it to decorate stuff.


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