Jun 21, 2011

My Nail Art Contest Manicure :)

Heeeey people :)
The Nail Art Contest " Good enough to eat" ended today, and now we can vote! So go ahead and check out the cool entries, a total of 48!!! :D Click here to vote! It was hard to choose only one, but I did it :D The people who know me, might know what I voted for :P
Well, I wanted to show you guys my food mani ..and if you like it, you can vote for me :D
(I´m number 17 btw ^^)
McDonalds :D Well nothing special compared to what the others came up with, but I´m pretty proud how it turned out :) Why did I choose this food? Well, of course I like it ;) But also because McD. has many different types of food to choose from. I used a total of 12 polishes :P
And this is the mess I created :))) I have this nail display for testing, mixing polishes..all that kind of stuff :)
Til then, have a nice day and go ahead and vote! :)

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  1. i loooooove mcdonalds and i don't even care how bad it is for you!! hahahah.
    i like the nails too!


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