Jun 8, 2011

My top 10 beauty products - Part 2

So here is part 2 of my favorite beauty products...finally :P Let´s start with ...
6. Balea Cocos Hair Treatment 
This is a hair treatment especially for dyed hair, but I bought it due to the fact that I love cocos :) And it smells great! It costs about 2€ for 150ml. After washing my hair I put this treatment on and leave it there for about 5 minutes. On the package it says 2 minutes is enough, but a little more time can´t be wrong :) The minute you open the cap, the whole bathroom smells like cocos. So, if you like cocos, like I do, you should definitely get this stuff! Well, after removing it the hair feels like the softest thing on earth. What I like the most about this product, is that the the scent of cocos stays for a whole day or a little bit longer. :)
Conclusion: Really soft hair, awesome scent and small price. Perfect! :)

7. Balea Fresh Melon Bodylotion
And another product from Balea. The only thing that I don´t like about this brand: it´s only available at dm. Well, this amazing bodylotion costs 1,25€ (200ml), a great price , right? And again...a really great scent! It smells like summer, watermelons, beach ... all in one :) I like this product, because the consistency is great, not to fluid but also not to creamy. It applies very well and it absorbs very fast. Most of the lotions I used before we´re sticky and needed a lot of time to be absorbed. The skin is soft and moisturized and you instantly feel fresh :)
Conclusion: Fresh and soft skin for a minimal price. :)

8. Essence Sun Club Matte Bronzing Powder
This is the bronzing powder from Essence, price is about 3,50€ for 15g. It says: " Matte Bronzing Powder for a naturally sunkissed tint - perfect for lighter skin types." I bought the 01 Natural Powder for blondes (lighter skin), although I´m not blonde and my skin isn´t that light, but the other one was really dark and didn´t seem natural on my skin :) It´s easy to apply with a brush and it stays on for more than 7-8 hours, even in the summer when the skin sweats.
Conclusion: Easy application, long-lasting and natural-looking "sunkissed" skin.

9. Schwarzkopf GlissKur Repair Butter Anti-Spliss
And another great hair treatment. I think the price was around 4€ for 200ml. The consistency is really like butter and therefore easy to apply and it doesn´t drip. It says that 1 minute is enough, but I leave it on for about 3 minutes. If I would use it on all my hair the box would be empty after 2-3 applications :) So I use regular conditioner on almost all of my hair and only use this butter on the tips of my hair, to make them real soft. I switch the hair treatments every second day, so one day I use this, on the other one I use the cocos-treatment. I don´t know if it really helps, when you have spliss, cause I cut my hair regularly to prevent it. But it softens the hair and smells great :P

10. Nivea Color Crystal Gloss Spray
Last but not least : the nivea crystal gloss spray. Price is around 4€ for 150 ml. This a shine-spray for dyed hair, which provides shinny and soft hair in a minute. First you have to shake it well, because it contains some sort of oil, which has to mix up with the rest of the fluid. After finishing your styling you spray this product on, and you immediately have shinny hair. Because of the oil, the hair feels very soft and moisturized. The hair smells very fresh and bloomy. :)
Conclusion: Even though it´s a bit pricy, it´s totally worth it!

So this is it! My 10 favorite products :) If you want to know something more about a product I showed on this posts, you can leave a comment or email me ;) What are your favorite beauty products? Would be interesting to know ;)
Have a good night and thanks for reading! :-*


  1. Nic epost! its a great read:) i love t he brnzer, i used to have the same one:) now i use bronze godess from esteé..:)
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    Farah From Fashionfabrice

  2. I had also the Cocos hair treatment ,because my hair is really damaged , but I hate the smell of cocos since then :D Now I use coconut oil mixed with olive oil - it is a real difference - this oil doesn´t smell so bad for me :) ,but I´m happy that I found your blog - I didn´t know that Balea has a melon body lotion - I love melooons :D and I´m totally adicted to balea ,because most of their products are great and the price is great :)

    Simona , Slovakia :)

  3. hey :)I´m glad you like my blog ;) well, the smell is really overwhelming and the olive oil you mentioned is great for dry hair. I used it myself :) I totally agree on the Balea part..I love it, too :) You should definitely try out the melon bodylotion ;)

    @Farah: Thanks :) the bronzer is great :) maybe I will try bronze godess sometimes :)


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