Jun 29, 2011

A hint of Zebra . . .

Hello ladies (and gentleman) :D
Hope you had a great day today ;) I removed my flower manicure, so I finally can do something new! I wanted to try a zipper manicure for ages, I don´t know why I didn´t do it until now, cause I freakin' love it ! To make it a lil more interesting I also added some zebra print. Here is my new favorite manicure :D
Maybe it looks complicated, but it´s really simple! First off you start with a white base. I used Catrice - Lavender Breeze, which should have a hint of purple in it, but mine is really white :P After it dries, you add some triangle-formed scotch tape to the tips and paint the rest of the nail any color you like. I used P2 - Charismatic, which is a gorgeous metallic-red. And now for the fun part: take a small brush or use the Essence Tip Painter in black and paint a "Y". Also paint the zebra print on the white part and then you are done! Well, not quite ;) Grab a dotting tool and put some dots on the Y, to make it look more like a zipper. Now you´re done! :)
It takes a lot more time to explain, than to actually do it :D I will try this in the future with some other color-combos and maybe some other animal print :) How do you like it? Will you try to recreate this? Let me know, if so...cause I would love to see the results! :)

Was a bit much today, but thanks for reading! See ya next time ;)


  1. This is amazing looking!! Wow so fabulous really want to try this. The colour combinations are pretty:) Love the fact there is zebra print in it.

  2. this is amazing! i love your hair too so pretty :) i came over from fb group so a new follower for you :)

    shel xx

  3. thank you ;) I like your blog, so I´m following ;)

  4. Love this! And yes, thanks to the instructions you provided, I will definitely be trying this soon. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for reading:) I´m looking forward to your creation ;)

  6. WOW! That's amazing! Super cool! :)

  7. ALl of them are soooo awesome!!! ;D



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