Jun 7, 2011

Purple Zebra :)

Hello again :)
I just looooove purple, it´s my favorite color (besides red :P ) and Catrice has this beautiful, amazing, pretty nail polish: Forget-Me-Not. Words can´t describe the beauty of this color...the problem is...it´s really hard to capture with the camera...especially since I don´t have one, and I have to use my phone ^^ I took a picture from one of the blogs I follow, that swatched this beauty, to show you guys the real color :) 

Isn´t it just awesome?! :D This pic is the most accurate I could find :) And thanks Tatjana for this great pic :)
Let´s move on: I decided to do a zebra-design on my nails and I used the tip painter from essence to create the look :
Again: I´m sorry for this awful photo...I hope I have my cam back soon :(  
Well, the design is nothing special, but with this beautiful purple shade it is definitely an eye catcher :)  And it looks 10 times better in reality :D 

Good night my dear readers and see ya next time ! :) 


  1. You made really nice design. :)

    I don't mind, that you took my photo, because you wrote the link under the photo. Some people wouldn't do that. I very appreciate, that you're not one of them. :D

  2. thank you...and the people who wouldn´t do that are just idiots :) but sadly there are to many of them :P

  3. That's an awesome design :-) Love the colour combination too!

  4. nice design :D

    ı like purple

  5. Amei !!
    Ficou lindo demais!!
    Sempre gosto do que faz.

    Beijos ...


  6. @youknow: thanks :) I like it too :)
    @Usei Hoje: thank you for your nice comments! :-*


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