Jun 25, 2011

Blue Leopard

Hello! :)
As promised, I show you some nail art today. This one was inspired by a dress from Blumarine´s 2011 Spring Collection:
I loved the combination of turquoise and leopard print, so I decided to do this design on my nails as well :)
I used 2 coats of Essence - BBC Splash Refresh as a base color and for the leopard pattern I used P2 - Soulful, Essence - Fatal and a TC to smooth it all out. Leopard pattern is one of the easiest things to do. Just grab a dotting tool, or a toothpick, some nailpolish and get started :) First you do some random brown dots, they don´t have to be perfect, the more uneven the better :) And with a black polish you draw some circles, or lines around the dots. Aaaand you´re done! :)

So here is my version: 
My brown is a little bit darker, than the one on the dress, but I don´t have another brown polish :P
That´s it for today, my dear readers. Thanks for reading and see ya next time ! :)


  1. LOVE! I'm all about blue lately and I love that you used brown with it. Very cool.

  2. thats cute! now i realized i do not have brown nail polish i always seem to buy pinks & teals!

  3. i really love it! the color combination is a hit! xoxo

  4. Também estou de oncinha hoje!
    Faço sempre!

    Beijos ...

    ... ❤Elaine❤

  5. Thank you for your sweet comments everybody :)


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