Jun 9, 2011

Shinny stripes :)

Hello! :)
How are you all today? I forgot to take pictures of my actual mani in daylight..and now that it´s dark, my phone-cam doesn´t take good pictures. Well, I will show you an old mani I did, long before I started this blog :) So I only have on picture :P
I think I used 3 coats of Golden Rose, number 52, because I know it´s a little bit sheer. And after putting on some scotchtape, I applied 1 coat of Essence - Fatal. Of course this is inspired by the master of scotchtape-manis: Erika from Chloe´s Nails.
So tomorrow I´ll show you my actual mani :)
Have a good night and thanks for reading! :-*


  1. Ohh I like this! Very striking :-)

  2. Até imagino como fez ... vou tentar !
    Lindo, lindo!!!!

    Beijos ...


  3. Thank you both :)
    @ Usei Hoje: You should definitely try it out :)


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