Jun 22, 2011

Rainbow Mani

Hello again :)
After I saw this beautiful mani by Let Them Have Polish, I just had to do it myself :) Btw, check her blog out, it´s awesome ;) For this I used a total of 16(!!) polishes. A lot, right? :D It´s a good thing I have that many polishes to choose from. I had all colors I needed except one, so I had to use a glitter polish. The others are all cremes.
Here is the the photo... after that I listed the polishes for each finger, from the brightest to the darkest color :)
As a base for all nails I used Essence - White Hype, then I tapped it and added:
Thumb: Essence - Get The Fever (09)  /  P2 - Open Your Heart (100)  /  Catrice - The Devil Wears Red (090)
Index finger: Essence - Sundancer (23)  /  Catrice - I Sea You! (250)  /  Catrice - Run Forest Run! (340)
Middle finger: Essence - Shocking Blue (13)  /  P2 - Gigantic (191)  /  Essence - Just Rock It! (37)
Ring finger: Essence - Enchanted Fairy (36)  /  Essence - Break Through (26)  /  P2 - Rich (248) (glitter)
Pinkie: Catrice - Just Married (210)  /  MNY - 807A  /  Essence - Plum Perfect (28)
Takes a little bit of time, but it´s worth it ;)

Off topic: While I did this mani I listened to a great song! Do you know that theme song from Fast Five: Danza Kuduro by Don Omar ft. Lucenzo ? Omg this song is sooo cool, you should definitely listen to it if you don´t know it already ;) Since the movie came out, I´ve been obsessed with it :P
Here is a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFBVY8oH83A
This is the perfect summer hit :) I  have it as a ring tone on my phone and if you hear a car drive by with this song at full volume, you know I´m coming :D

That was it for today, my lovelies, have a good night and thanks for reading ;)


  1. Ooo I love your take on this look :)

  2. You make your mani's look so flawless!

  3. I love this! How did you do it? I've never tried a stripey manicure as I think they must take aaaaages. Looks great though!

  4. Thank you all :)
    @ Laura: Well I started with a white base, let it dry and added scotch tape to 2/3 of the nail and painted the first color..let it dry ..tapped it again..and so on :) It takes a little bit of time, but if you have Seche Vite TC, it all dries so fast, that you don´t have to wait that long for each step :)


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