Jun 14, 2011

New Necklace - New Mani :)

Hello ladies (and boys) :D
How are you all today? Well, I went shopping today, bought me some stuff and of course some nail polish ;) I will show you that later. I  bought a beautiful necklace in gold/brown/beige from Meli Melo, do you know that store? It has beautiful jewelry ! What I was trying to say: this necklace inspired me to a mani :D So the colors are beige, brown and gold and I added black crackling polish to it.
Sooo, I used Catrice - My Café Au Lait At Nôtre-Dame (beige stripes), P2 - Soulful (brown ones) and Catrice - In the Bronx (golden ones). The black crackling TC is also from P2. Swatch is here :) I´m sorry I forgot to take a picture completely without crackling TC :) The minute I realized I forgot, I took a picture, but I already had a nail done :P
The finish of this crackling TC is matte, and I kinda like it ... the contrast between shinny gold and the matte black is cool :D And here is my inspiration :
I really like gold and brown shades on my nails, what about you ? :) 
As promised, here is a pic of the polishes I got: 
I never heard of this brand "Farmasi" but I love the colors so far ;) Do you know that brand? If so, do you like it ?
Thanks for reading and have a good night :-*


  1. woww your mani looks delicious =D

  2. Ooh, I like your necklace! Great manicure too :-)

  3. Everything is beautiful. The nails are just fantastic! Your hair looks beautiful from what I can see. :)

  4. thank you laura ;)
    @ A polished touch: thanks, and they are so simple to do ;)


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