Jun 10, 2011

Pink Ladybug

Sometimes a design looks really good in your head and you want to try it immediately, but the minute it is on your nails it doesn´t look that pretty anymore, do you know what I mean ? I hate that :P Well, for this mani my inspiration was a little fluffy toy: a pink ladybug :)
Well, on to the nails: I used 2 coats of MNY 807A and added little dots with P2 - Open your heart. On the ring finger I drew the head with Essence - Fatal and P2 - Flirt & Tease. 
I thought it would look .... cuter :P Well, not everything works out the way you want it. 
The dots aren´t that visible on this pic...gosh I hope I get my cam back soon ... this pics are driving my nuts! ^^
Thanks for reading and see ya next time ! :-* 


  1. I think this turned out well. I like the dots on the jelly polish, and the little picture is so cute!


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