Jun 3, 2011

French Mani Update

So after 3 days the polish started chipping. I have to say, that I carried my last moving boxes and some stuff, perhaps that´s why it started chipping :) But nevertheless I´m happy with this product and I´m sure it would have lasted longer without all the carrying I did. It only chipped on my right hand on 2 nails, the left hand only has some tipwear :)  (especially on the index finger)
I don´t mind, that it lasted only 3 days, because it was easy to apply and it looked good til the end :) I don´t know if I will wear it again, since I get bored so quickly with french manicures, but it´s good to have such a kit...just in case :) 
Starting tomorrow I will post more interesting manis again :P 
So have a nice evening ! Bye :-*

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